Cheek Piercing: Information, Precautions, Aftercare


Cheek Piercing

Body art excites everyone these days. It looks cool and trendy and a little rebellious just the same. People have pocket full of reasons of getting a piercing done and as a matter of fact, there are many choices in the kind of piercing as well. You can get it almost anywhere you want – even on your cheek. Spooky, right? Yet, it is not uncommon as you might think. You will find a lot of people with their cheeks pierced and if you somehow get impressed by it, you should probably know some things that are not visible there on the cheek.

Getting Your Cheek Pierced

No matter where or what kind of piercing you are hoping to get, the prominent of all things is checking the studio from where you’ll be getting it done. It is safer to not to try piercing at home; a professional knows the know-how of the procedure and takes all the precautions to all the dangers of infection or rejection. But even so, don’t depend on the parlor completely. You should visit the studio and meet the piercer beforehand to ascertain it is hygienic and safe for you. Another small tip is to be on time – if you’re late, there will be chances that the professional will hush-hush your appointment for he might have another one lined up. Now, hurry never begets a perfect job and in case of a piercing, that might be not in the best of your interests.Paperwork is a part of the process – you will be definitely asked to sign a consent form and probably will be asked for a legit identity proof. After all these formalities are done, the professional will tell you about the procedure, how it will be carried out and how to look after it. But before it is actually done, you would be asked to choose jewelry for your piercing. Let your piercer know about the allergies, if you have any, of any metal and he will suggest the best option for you.You need to tell him where you want the piercing on your cheek for he can sterilize the spots mark them with a needle. He will clamp the place which really hurts more than the actual piercing. Once that is over with, he will clean the spot and insert the jewelry. The pain is not something you can measure; it differs from people to people but you should expect a pinch nonetheless.

Cheek Piercing Aftercare

Cheek piercing will not take more than 3 months to heal. If you take extra care of your pierced area, it might get better sooner. In case you don’t

look after it, it most likely will get infected or migrated or worse, rejected. To protect your cheek from any injury should be your priority. Any damage can lead to problems causing a lot of pain. Even if your soap causes irritation to the pierced cheek, you should change it with a mild one without wasting any time. Moreover, salt water cleaning is the best way to wash away all the dirt that might surround your wound.  Your pierce will give you a pamphlet explaining in details everything about the aftercare. Pay particular attention to his instructions and follow his advice.

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