Spider bites piercing: Complications, Precautions, Aftercare, Cost

spider bites piercing

Spider bites piercing

This pleasurable pain is a type of body piercing, also known as ‘tongue pillar’. It is referred to as the piercing in the lower lips or in between the lower lips and above the chin. Usually two piercing, placed closed to each other, are done at the same time.

It is not only a fashion statement, but also a part of ancient culture. Aztec civilization, African tribes, Amazonian regions all have a history of Spider bites piercing. Some civilizations also wore it for religious purpose.

Spider bites piercing Care

 Choosing the right place or a professional artist is the first and the most important step. It is compulsory for children that is, boys/girls below 18 years of age to be accompanied by either of their parent or a guardian. Signing an agreement and an age proof is mandatory for every client. Instructions and procedure that will be followed is repeated to the client and the jewelry is selected. Then the area around the place to be pierced is sterilized or cleaned with an antiseptic. The surgical needle is inserted through the tissues and the hole is made. As the tissue is ruptured there could be a small amount of blood loss which stops after a few minutes. Then the area is cleaned again and the selected jewelry is placed or inserted.  Usually in spider bites piercing two holes are made close to each other. According to the strength of the client to bear the pain the second hole is either immediately made or in an hour’s time. Some even take a paracetamol or another painkiller before the procedure, but it is not recommended by the artist. These medications before the procedure are at the sole discretion of the client. However, the after-care needs to be followed very seriously to avoid any complications.

Spider bites piercing Risks and complications

Like in any other type of body piercing, there are risks involved even in spider bites piercing.  Bacterial infections, excessive bleeding, damage to the nerve, allergic reactions, keloids, dental

damage, choking, etc are just about a few risks that may or may not occur. There are many satisfied people who have got body piercing done from a professional and a reputed studio. Bacterial infection can be caused for many reasons like for example if the area is not cleaned properly after the piercing, bacteria can attack the open tissues or the punctures. It could also happen if the artist is using a ‘GUN’ as its instrument to pierce the area, as they can never be cleaned or sterilized. These unhygienic conditions or non-sterilized equipments could also lead to other serious infections like HIV. The jewelry should also be chosen very carefully. The client should inform about any allergies, especially with any kind of metal. This is important as the body could reject the jewelry and cause a reaction to this foreign object. It should also not be too large, or to thin, or to heavy. It could cut the blood supply to the region causing swelling and pain. So Labrets are most widely recommended for all first timers and they are also easier to manage.

Spider bites piercing Aftercare

The healing time differs in every client; it ranges from a few weeks to a few months. However, swelling does occur after a few hours.  It does settle down on its own but sucking ice is very helpful. For the pain, which reducing as healing takes place, paracetamol is recommended but aspirins are best avoided as they may increase the bleeding.  Vitamin-C and zinc supplements are also recommended to enhance the rate of healing. Other care that should be taken is to disinfect the area twice every day, using salty water to rinse the mouth after eating, not using toothpaste or mouthwash that contains peroxide. Avoid touching the jewelry every time; never leave the piercing without the jewelry for more than a few hours as the hole may begin to close. Alcohols and cigarettes are bet avoided till the piercing is permanent. Changing the jewelry is possible only after 2 months or more, and it is best done by a professional artist for the first time.

Spider bites piercing Cost

The cost is determined by various factors like – the taxes applicable in that area, the type of jewelry chosen, they place from where the piercing is done (professional or freelancer), if the aftercare charges are included, etc.

Words of advice—do consider all options and consult your artist before taking the next step.

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