Tragus Piercing: Pain, Precautions, Aftercare, and more

Tragus Piercings

Tragus Piercing

What do Scarlett Johnson, Lucy Hale and Rihanna have in common other than their celebrity status? You”ve guessed it right – they all have Tragus Piercing. You may have noticed a lot of people with Tragus Piercing, as per BBC it got popular after 2005. So what exactly is it? Let’s find out.

Tragus Piercing Pain

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Tragus piercing is your way to show the world that you’re different. Since it is still not as popular as the ear or nose piercing, people use it to enhance their personalities in a creative way. In fact, women get this piercing more than men. This kind of piercing will ensure that you stand out among the crowds – showcase the intricate jewelry on your Tragus.

Tragus is a part of your ear located outside the canal. It is a small, round and bumpy cartilage facing the ear canal. As is evident by the name, tragus piercing is called so because the tragus is pierced. Some people have a small tragus which makes it impossible to pierce and because the area is thick, there is a lot of tissue to perforate so it takes time and pressure to pierce it. Generally, it doesn’t hurt a lot to get the Tragus pierced as there are not much nerve endings around the area.

If you want your piercing to be done properly, don’t try it at home and don’t go to the cheapest place you can find. It is very important that you get it done professionally at a studio because honestly, a deformed or infected ear is not the outcome you are looking for. While you’re contemplating to get Tragus Piercing remember a simple fact that the Tragus helps the ear to hold earphones. Follow all the instructions of your piercer or it might make it too infected to perform that simple task.

Getting a Tragus Jewelry on your Tragus

Again, don’t try it at home or you will end up spending a lot more on medications than what you expected to save. Your piercer will make you lie on your back to get more stability as you won’t be able to move your head. He will clean the area and sterilize the needle. Next, he will insert a cork into your ear canal. This has many purposed – the cork keeps the Tragus in position, it doesn’t let anything inside the canal and also catches the needle after it penetrates the tragus. Some piercers use a straight needle while others prefer a curved gauge. Now don’t get alarmed when the piercer applies pressure while making the perforation. The Tragus is quite thick and without some amount of pressure, it won’t get punctured. It will bleed and it is quite normal. Just follow all the instructions of the expert and you’ll be good to go.

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Tragus Piercing pain is usually much less and doesn”t hurt that much. If you have had your nose or belly pierced before, you will be able to endure the pain. People usually feel a lot of pressure while the piercer is making the hole. Once it is done, jewelry is inserted inside. Before the process actually begins, the piercer makes you fill a form, explains

the procedure and makes you choose jewelry. There are barbells, studs and bead rings to choose from. Do a little research or ask the piercer to advice which tragus jewelry would be the best starting jewelry. The reason it is important to pick a comfortable tragus jewelry is that you have to wear it for the initial few weeks till your piercing heals. You can only change it after 6 weeks so better pay attention or you’d be stuck with a tragus jewelry you don’t like.

Tragus Piercing Healing process can take about 6 months to a year and during this time, you should be extra careful about the piercing. Caring for it won’t just avoid infections but also make it heal faster. Besides, you can only change your jewelry after it has healed.

Tragus Piercing Infection

Tragus Piercings like any other piercing has every possibility to get infected. Mainly, it is due to improper aftercare or getting it done by an inexperienced piercer. Pain and swelling are common for a few days, it is when the pain doesn’t subside then you should be worried. The piercing bleeds after you get it done and it might even bleed after an hour. But if you find redness or soreness around the pierced area, you should immediately call your doctor or piercer. In some cases, a yellow or green liquid gets discharged which has a bad smell. People usually panic when they observe it and remove the jewelry. However it is not a recommended solution to the problem because when you take the jewelry out, the hole closes up and the infection gets trapped inside leading to more problems.

If you suspect you have an infection, call your doctor and ask him what to do. He might prescribe you an antibiotic cream and ask you to clean the area with salt water. You still need to take precautions while dealing with the piercing – clean hands only.

Tragus Piercing Aftercare

Caring for all the piercings is more or less the same. Clean, clear and do not touch. The first step towards happy healing is cleaning the pierced area at least twice a day with saline water solution, using cotton. Make sure you get the area behind and around the Tragus too – some of it will get inside the hole and clean that too. Rotate the jewelry very softly while cleaning it but refrain from touching it with dirty hands or letting anyone else feel it. A major problem in tragus piercings is that it catches infection if it comes in contact with germs or bacteria. Therefore, don’t touch it or play with it no matter how much you feel like it. Moreover, you should take precautions to protect the pierced area – avoid turtlenecks, sleep on the other ear side and answer mobile phones from the other ear. Any injury to the piercing can displace the jewelry or what is also known as migration when the jewelry changes its place. Your body might even reject it; the jewelry gets pushed out in such an instance. Other than that, change pillow covers every day, wash your hands, preferably with antibacterial soap, before changing the jewelry and don’t let anyone whisper or kiss your pierced ear.

Tragus Piercing: More on it…

  • People experience a popping sound when the needle penetrates the Tragus. Don’t worry about it for this is the sound of the needle entering the skin and since the eardrum is so close, it sounds loud.
  • Ear cartilage as it is takes time to heal, Tragus, on top of it, supports earphones and other devices and the piercing will get in the way of the phone too. The best thing to do is to avoid contact of the pierced ear with phones and other ear devices while your Tragus is healing or it will contract germs and get infected.
  • It can take about 6 months to heal though it can take more time too. Change your tragus jewelry once your piercing is 6 weeks old. Start with a simple gauge; barbell ball hinders with the ear devices and might hurt you.
  • Sleep on the other side to prevent any harm to your piercing. It won’t heal properly if it’s subjected to a lot of contact.
  • Say no to swimming as the pool water has chlorine which can cause an infection.


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