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Tongue Tattoo

There is just no limit to art. Boundless, restriction-free and subject to change, it is fascinating how it is so adaptable. Let us take tattoos for example. Who would have thought in their wildest dreams that tattoos would become an accessory to the tongue? Well, whoever had this innovative tattoo idea has given tattoo lovers a whole new field to explore. The texture and thickness of the tongue is definitely a challenge and the area greatly limits the design but it lets people express themselves in a unique way. When you see someone with a colored tongue next time, don’t simply pass it off as color from some lolly. It is really the color of their tongues; some people get it tattooed fully to change its entire color and secretly enjoy when people think it is due to some candy.

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Throughout the history, different cultures and tribes have indulged into the tattooing practices for various reasons – some did it to get rid of the evil forces while others used it as identification. During the time when Hitler was in power and Jews were being slayed, the prisoners in the camps were numbered using tattoos. But times have changed today. It is more for decorative purposes than anything else. People want to showcase their control over their bodies, physical appearances and make a statement. It is a whole new world of choice and beautification that is being explored. Even if two tattoos seem similar, they are not the same because no two people are the same. You will always find something that differentiates between the two. As far as the tongue is concerned, it is becoming an interesting area to get a tattoo. It is delicate; it is sensitive but that hasn’t stopped the people from modifying it. With the tattoo, people also get a stud or pin to give it a new twist. Limited to the Western world for now, it is slowly making its way to the rest of the world.

 Tongue Tattoos: Preferences

Check out the tattoo gallery before you decide on getting a tongue tattoo. There are different tattoos designs for men and women though there is no limitation as to what you can get. Most people don’t get their whole tongue tattooed; the tip of the tongue is a popular spot to get hearts or stars. This way you can show it off while merely talking to someone. And the simple, small tattoo design also looks a lot intricate. But you can do it otherwise – choose a design that

covers your tongue to its entirety. It depends on the individual entirely – some even get their tongued colored black or red or orange. Besides, some designs also revolve around a tongue piercing. It is a common practice these days to get a tattoo that highlights the tongue piercing in some sort of a creative way. That is actually killing two birds from one stone really – getting two body modifications done at the same area while one emphasizing the other.

 Tongue Tattoos: Process and Health Implications

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Tongue is a part of your mouth and interestingly, it harbors bacteria more than the surface skin. This is not just some useless trivia – you need to understand that more bacteria mean more chances of infection- it is more prone to infections when the flesh is broken. Tongue is anyway very sensitive and if anything goes wrong with the tongue decoration, the implications would be huge. In order to save yourself from the pointless troubles, you should practically think about your decision first. It is not a one-day thing that you get a tattoo today and forget about it later. This decision would dictate a part of your life and turn it around so you better be prepared to take all that it has to offer.

Find an experienced tattooist. There is a myth going around that after you get a tongue tattoo and get a piercing done on the same day, you wake up the next day with a mouthful of blood. That is not true unless something terribly goes wrong during your session. And if something does go wrong, be assured it would be much worse than that. So don’t forget to look for a skilled tattooist and hygienic studio to protect yourself. Ask him about his experience, question him to convince yourself he is right one for you and only make an appointment if he has done this before because you don’t want to take any chances now, do you?

People who have tongue piercings assures that it isn’t terribly painful – it just feels numb and makes the tongue tick while it is getting needled. Tongue is very small in area but it does take a while to get the tattoo done because it is difficult to hold it in one place. It twitches a lot out of habit and consequently, must be held firmly if the tattoo design has to be completed with excellence. It is done using the device that keeps it in place while it is getting pierced – your tattooist would know what to do with it. Make sure he is using disposable gloves and sterilized equipment to avoid risks of infections. As far as the procedure goes, it is fairly similar to the regular tattooing procedure where the needle is punctured into the skin quickly to deposit the ink into epidermis. It moves quickly so as to leave the pigment inside and the tongue swallows it once it has been punctured. They get absorbed and most likely stay there forever.

After You Get Your Tongue Tattooed

After you get your tongue tattooed, it will stay sensitive for a few days and it might cause some pain the first day. But any intense pain after that is not normal and should be treated urgently. This pain is mostly because of the skin crust that grows on the tongue and fades off in due time. The tattoo seems different during this time – they would appear pale or discolored but you don’t get worked up because it will be back to what it was once the skin has healed. After the flaking off, the tattoo will get its intended shine back and it will look waxy. However, like all other tattoos, it will also fade away with time especially because the saliva wears down everything which is what it is supposed to do. It will be absorbed by the muscle and it will look a part of the tongue – normal and average in both texture and look.

It takes as much as three weeks for the tattoo to heal completely. During this time, you should look after it thoroughly or an infection will catch up to it. The tattoo artist who designs your tongue would give you some tips on how to take care of it and maintain hygiene and it would be your responsibility to follow it through. Keep your tattoo clean and keep your guard up. Just about anything can harm your tongue and leave you with bitter memories.

The cells inside the mouth have greater tendency to regenerate. Consequently, it is possible for your tattoo to fade away eventually due to friction but until that time comes it will surely make you stand out in your peers.


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